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There’s no secret sauce to success, and there’s no get rich quick scheme. Anyone can put ‘founder’ or ‘entrepreneur’ in their bio, but to actually succeed in these roles you need to know what it takes. The Founders Experience podcast brings you real stories from real founders to reveal it all. The successes, the failures, the truth. There’s huge value in knowing about the whole journey. Someone’s failures are someone else’s lessons. We’re opening up the conversation to help you create an achievable vision, to give you the resilience to stay the course and to provide some unique insights that you can apply to your own journey. Join us, use this to get to where you want to be.

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Latest Podcast Episodes:

Chris Bradshaw Cofounder of WeAgile The Founders Experience podcast

Chris Bradshaw – Series Intro

The Founders Experience podcast brings you real stories from real founders to reveal it all. The successes, the failures, the mental and physical strains, and ultimately the truth.
We’re opening up the conversation to give you first-hand experience of what it takes to make it, the resilience to stay the course and some amazing stories that will leave you inspired.
Thom Elliot Co-Founder Pizza Pilgrims The Founders Experience

Thom Elliot – Co-founder of Pizza Pilgrims

In our inaugural episode of The Founders Experience, we speak to Thom Elliott, co-founder of Pizza Pilgrims. After a few drinks in the pub, Thom and his brother James decided to leave their high flying corporate jobs and make a pilgrimage through Italy in search of the perfect pizza.
Mark McDermott CEO ScreenCloud Digital Signage The Founders Experience podcast

Mark McDermott – CEO of ScreenCloud

In this episode, we sit down with Mark McDermott. Mark is a serial entrepreneur from digital agencies to being a personal fitness instructor, he’s pretty much done and seen it all.
Jana Dowling Founder of Arkeo The Founders Experience Podcast

Jana Dowling – Founder of ARKEO

In this episode, we speak to Jana Dowling who we can only describe as an inspirational entrepreneur and we say that because she’s turned the adversity of her own personal demons into what can only be described as a very innovative successful startup called Arkeo.
Stefanie Sword-Williams Founder of F*ck being humble The Founders Experience Podcast
Stefanie Sword-Williams – Founder of F**k Being Humble
Today we speak with the extraordinary Stefanie Sword-Williams. Stefanie has a long list of accolades from being an entrepreneur, an author, a founder, public speaker, host and presenter. Her latest venture, F*ck Being Humble, has really just been an accolade to her way of self-promotion which shouldn’t be shied away from and should be celebrated.
Noella Coursaris Musunka FOunder & CEO of Malaika The Founders Experience Logo

Noella Coursaris Musunka – Founder & CEO of Malaika

In this episode, we sit with Noella Coursaris Musunka who is a former international model and philanthropist who has built the Malaika Foundation with the sole purpose to educate and empower the next generation of female leaders.
Brittni Bowering Content Strategist The Founders Experience Podcast

Brittni Bowering – Founder & Content Strategist

In this episode, our guest is Brittni Bowering and she is a content strategist, workshop facilitator, podcaster and comedian. What we love about Brittni’s story is she has come from the world of working inside a company to taking the brave step out and use her skills to almost forge her own path.
Ashley Adkins Founder Now Work The Founders Experience Podcast

Ashley Adkins – Founder of Now Work

In this episode, we speak to Ashley Adkins who in a word is the truest form of a technologist we know – if technology was a person it would be Ashley. He has founded IT companies, cybersecurity companies and now working in the super exciting AI space.

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