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At WeAgile we want to Support You.

Times are tough, there are no 2 ways about it. High unemployment rates and the country in recession, we understand that it can seem extremely challenging but there is support out there.

We want to give you a little extra comfort. If you recently lost your job and have attended an interview, WeAgile is offering to pay towards your travel expenses by reimbursing you up to £10*.

It’s really simple to apply:

Icon of a hand holding a travel card

1. Buy your travel card

Icon of a receipt with a large pound sign

2. Send us the receipt

Icon of a hand holding money for reimbursement

3. We reimburse you via PayPal

*up to £10 – Max 1 per person – limited availability

WeSupportYou Application Form

In order for us to help as many people as possible, please note that you can only apply for WeSupportYou reimbursement once.

Please apply only if you are unemployed and attending a job interview.

Please ensure you have included your PayPal email address and attached your travel receipt or we will not be able to process your application.

We will pay up to a maximum of £10 towards your travel.

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