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Social Media Webinar for Charities

WeAgile team sharing their skills with charities

As part of our Pay It Forward’ initiative, it was obvious that when it came to digital marketing, charities would prefer to be provided with the tools and training instead of hand-outs, they want to learn skills to become more self-sufficient.  Charities, just like any other business or organisation, are looking to improve their marketing skills to help reach more people.


Main talking points on this webinar:

  • Why Social Media

  • Channel Growth

  • Organic vs Paid

  • Channel Tips

  • Marketing support


Free virtual social media marketing workshops

So in collaboration with Camden Giving, in July 2020 the team at WeAgile ran a free virtual Social Media Marketing Workshop for over 40 charities to give them some helpful tips, quick wins and advice on how to best manage their social media activities. Since then, we’ve shared the content with more than 120 other charities and have received great feedback.

We hope you will benefit from watching this too! 


“We didn’t know we could apply for Google free ads which were extremely useful.  As well as the brilliant information about the content and tone of voice on social media.  We found this webinar really interesting, the presentation was so good.”

– Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation

“Extremely helpful and informative. Good length and engaging!”

– Brandon Centre

“WeAgile gave very interesting tips, and it is always useful to hear from experts in any field.”

– Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre

“Facilitators were clear, and tips were useful!”

– Latin American House

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