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Why Choose WeAgile as Your Social Media Marketing Company?

Welcome to WeAgile, your trusted social media marketing company in London. We go beyond the ‘normal’ to deliver true value by translating your needs into digital products and marketing campaigns. Our award-winning websites, apps, and marketing campaigns are designed to excite your target audiences and drive your business growth.

Our tailor-made approach ensures growth, awareness and engagement across various social media platforms, while our detailed analysis of social media analytics forms our forward thinking plans. You can count on us to maximise your social media marketing presence through performance-led results.

With the digital landscape moving faster than ever, we’ve got you covered. As a social media marketing agency, we’re dedicated to your social media marketing growth – we produce and edit trending high-impact video content, create copy in alignment with your brand voice and work in synergy with your marketing goals to ensure you’re ahead of the curve. 

At WeAgile, we know what works. Our social media marketing services include strategy, design, copy, calendar creation, content production, paid and organic media, community management and show-stopping social media campaigns. Let us look after the social media marketing side, while you focus on business growth. 

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We Think Big

Social media marketing is a direct link to your consumer and there’s an ever-growing list of the benefits social media marketing brings to businesses. So, what are the benefits? You can promote your products, reach a wide range of people, engage new audiences and break the barrier down between brand and consumer. Working across multiple social media platforms, our team ensure maximum reach, engagement and growth with our innovative strategies, design and engagement tactics. 

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We Think Global

We’re well connected and our network keeps growing. We co-create with influencers, ambassadors, brand partners and UGC creators and it doesn’t stop there. Our previous clients are spread across the world and range from B2B to B2C. Understanding the global landscape allows for us to move quicker and smarter when it comes to social media strategy and development.

We Think Creative

Content moves fast, but we move faster. Due to the fast-paced content output on social media platforms in 2023, it can feel hard to keep up. We brief, produce, edit and design various content types for multiple platforms, so you don’t have to. How? We brainstorm trending content types monthly in alignment with social media trends, shoot and edit for individual platforms, create and design content calendars and analyse the performance of each content type for optimisation.

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Our Social Media Marketing Process

First things first – we take a deep dive into your current social media channels and strategy to analyse, refine and build on what is working, and what isn’t. During our social media audit process, we’ll research your competitors to understand how the landscape is moving, while gaining valuable insights into competitor audiences. Next up, strategy – we’ll work with you to align with your overall objectives and future goals to create a social media marketing strategy designed to drive growth, leads, community, reach and engagement.

Audit, Competitor Research & Strategy

We’re known for genuine partnerships, tailored packages and honest reporting across our clients. At the start of our journey together, we’ll work creatively and collaboratively to design a social media marketing strategy catered for business growth and audience engagement. Our team of agency creatives are experts across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Threads, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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Reporting & Analytics

Your audience is where your key data lies. Understand how your audience is interacting, engaging and buying while visiting your channels and create a clear direction for your overall marketing plan based off real-time results. Gathering data from our monthly reporting process allows for us to work on forward-thinking plans that guarantee high-performing social media marketing results.


People go on social media to be… social. Community is key when it comes to growing your business and nurturing your community is crucial. We engage and respond to your community to create growth and awareness, while encouraging shares, likes and comments to attract new audiences. Bringing in new followers to add to your community is vital, however taking care of your existing following is just as important.

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Digital Developments

Social media platforms are evolving due to technology constantly improving – remember the older days of MySpace? Last year alone, Instagram rolled out reels, polls and scheduled lives, while TikTok added an all-encompassing shop feature. It’s vital to stay up to date with the latest trends so your content stays relevant – our committed agency team remain aware of how the social media marketing landscape is moving, so it can be added into your strategy.

Management - Content Calendar, Copywriting, Scheduling, Hashtag Research

We’ll plan, manage, research and schedule your content calendar, working alongside your branding, tone of voice and overall marketing plan. Each month, we analyse your audience, optimal posting times and formulate a forward-thinking plan based off the results. We’ll create your assets with existing or new content, using your brand colours and and multiple content types to ensure engagement throughout each channel.

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What makes a good social media marketing company?

A good social media marketing company understands your business goals, has expertise in your industry, creates tailored strategies, and delivers measurable results.

Why should I choose a London-based social media marketing company?

A London-based company like WeAgile has a deep understanding of the local market and can create campaigns that resonate with your London-based audience.

What services does a social media marketing agency offer?

A social media marketing agency offers services like strategy development, content creation, social media advertising, analytics and reporting, and more.

How does a social media marketing agency in London differ from others?

A London-based agency has a deep understanding of the local market, and cultural nuances, and can create campaigns that resonate with your London-based audience.

What is a social media content agency?

A social media content agency specialises in creating engaging and relevant content for your social media platforms to drive engagement and conversions.

What is a social media advertising agency?

A social media advertising agency specialises in creating and managing paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms to drive traffic and conversions.

Why should I hire a media marketing agency?

A media marketing agency can help you reach a larger audience, increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads and sales.

What are the top social media marketing companies in the UK?

There are many top social media marketing companies in the UK, including WeAgile, known for their innovative and results-driven approach.

Why choose a London social media agency?

Choosing a London social media agency like WeAgile ensures you get local market expertise, tailored strategies, and measurable results.

What is the role of a social media marketing agency?

A social media marketing agency helps businesses reach their target audience, increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads and sales through social media platforms.

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