We’ve created this blog to show you exactly why video marketing is a powerful tool for your business. But, firstly, you’re probably wondering what exactly is video marketing? 

Video marketing is the strategy designed by marketing teams to create, curate, and utilise videos as a means of marketing their products or services to their target audience.

Video is one of the most powerful channels to increase brand awareness at the top of your marketing funnel in the current digital landscape. 


Here are 6 reasons why video marketing is vital for your business in 2023: 

Boosts Conversions

Video content is known to increase conversion rate by up to 55%, keeping users on website pages longer and encouraging them to explore further. 

Brings in New Audiences

Advertising video content through multiple platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, web and TikTok allows you to attract a new customer base and the possibility to reach new audiences through a wide range of advertising formats.

Encourage Shares

Encouraging users to create their own videos or share popular videos from brands amongst friends, helps with overall marketing strategy and global reach. 

Provides Education

 Creating a visual outlet to launch a new brand or product is more useful for consumers than text-only content. Users are able to gain a better understanding of how a particular product works or insights into a brand, nudging them to make a purchase. 

Google Preferred

The longer consumers spend more time on your website due to video content, the more Google will recognise that your website has good, engaging and valuable content. 

Increases Reach

With numerous different video and content types available, the current digital landscape and social media platforms specifically, favour video content, therefore pushing it to a wider audience and increasing brand reach. 


We hope we successfully answered the question Why Video Marketing Is A Powerful Tool For Your Business.

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