Have you ever wondered –  why should I hire a web development company? In this digital age, the growth of your company simply cannot happen without a great website. It would be straightforward if all you needed were just a website instead, what you require is a digital presence that is both successful and efficient. But still, even nowadays many business owners are blind to this reality. Some still pay very little attention to the veracity of the website and the message it conveys to visitors in terms of its purpose, its vision, and the services they offer. But, luckily, you are not one of them, and that is why you have landed on this page – to seek answers and results, and you are undoubtedly curious as to why employing a competent web development agency is the best way of getting the needed end result – which is – an exceptional website.

We are here for you to explain why such a web design and development agency like WeAgile is the best option for building a new website, or redesigning your current website.

Let’s start with answering some commonly asked questions.

What does a web development agency do?


A company that specialises in web development can construct a website from the ground up. WeAgile has professional developers and web designers that have vast experience in developing digital products (for example, websites, apps, e-commerce sites and software) for many industries. It is a team effort of both web designers and web developers to come up with the best solution for you. They come up with creative ideas, build up frameworks and databases, and choose a language for the front-end and back-end development. A web designer’s responsibility is to design the user interface or user experience. WeAgile’s team are knowledgeable in every aspect, whether it be testing, launching, or upkeep of the digital product.

Why shouldn’t I just choose a web developer or a web designer who is a freelancer?

First of all, WeAgile has a team of web developers, web designers, SEO experts, project managers, testers, and so on – it is impossible for a single freelancer to have all this knowledge, so without a doubt, unfortunately, you will be getting an inferior end product. Not because they are not a professional, but because it is just impossible to be an expert in such different areas of expertise. 

Secondly, WeAgile team will be able to provide you with ongoing support and maintenance even after the launch of the website (indefinitely). A lot of people don’t realise it, but even after the launch, the website will need to be updated constantly because of various reasons – e.g. if your website is built in WordPress, there are regular updates to the platform and plugins, your website has to rank well on Google, and Google does regular algorithm updates, etc. – you need to stay on top of all of this, and more often than not, a freelancer won’t be able to support you long-term due to other commitments.  

Thirdly, because a web development agency places high importance on both its reputation and its long-term objectives, clients will receive the highest possible level of service. An independent freelancer might not have a brand reputation to protect, so very often work is completed a bit sloppier as you won’t be able to leave a Google review or a review on Trustpilot, so most likely – no one will ever find out if your website at the end is not working as intended. We do love freelancers, and we do work with the best freelancers in the world (it is not even an exaggeration), and they indeed are experts each in their own field; however, when it comes to web design and development – it takes a team (designers, developers, project managers, SEO experts, testers) to get to an excellent end result, it is not a one-man show.  

Fourthly, unless something totally unpredictable happens (like a massive change in scope of work) – your website will be delivered in a timely and efficient manner and it will be a well-rounded end product as many professionals will have had input in the end product, thus very often coming up with innovative ideas that will benefit your business’s digital presence greatly. E.g. if you are working with a freelancer and something happens in their personal lives (e.g. sickness or they take a holiday) – your project stops completely. 

And if the abovementioned list did not convince you yet, let’s add a ‘layer of safety’ for choosing a web design agency over a freelancer. An agency is always a legal business entity that has insurance, shareholders, directors, etc. They won’t just disappear one day and not answer their phone while the project is still in progress.

Can you build your website without the help of a web development agency?

Yes, there are platforms like Wix or Squarespace where you can do your best and create a simple and attractive website. However, in all honesty, you will never be able to compete with the experience of a web development company, no matter how much you know about designing and developing websites.

There are very many advantages to working with a web development agency like WeAgile. Here is a short summary of them:

  • You will be able to achieve more in a shorter period of time,
  • You will benefit from the latest technology edge,
  • Your web presence will be bespoke,
  • Your website loading speed will be superb,
  • You will have a strong competitive advantage,
  • Your web presence will be reliable, secure and sustainable,
  • Your web design will be impeccable,
  • Your website’s user experience will be on the spot,
  • The overall quality of the website will be much higher,
  • The website will be developed based on an effective web development strategy.

We hope we answered some of your questions and removed any doubts you might have had about choosing a web design and development agency. But if you still have any questions, please do reach out and we will get back to you in no time. 

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