A lot of business owners will not give that much thought to where the digital design agency they work with is located either because they want to get the cheapest price possible or because they think that it won’t make that much of a difference. But the truth is that working with a local agency to develop an app or a website will give you lots of advantages, and you need to understand them before you start working on any serious project with an out-of-town or overseas team. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why working with a local digital design agency makes sense.


Less Noise and Friction


If you decide to work with an agency that is located outside of your city or country, then communication is going to suffer. And this is very important as communication issues are cited as one of the biggest when it comes to working with digital design agencies. You’re going to be at their mercy and will pretty much have to communicate with them when they wish to. This means that you could end up not hearing from them for days or even weeks with no feedback.

If you work with a local agency, on the other hand, then you can knock at their door at any given time, and they know that too. So, you’re much less likely to deal with scammers and will be able to get updates whenever you need them.

Making sure that they follow your branding guidelines will be much easier too and you’ll be able to be much more detailed and specific when giving directions. This will help you reduce the time scope of your project and could even result in savings.


Better Connection with Your Audience


Working with a local agency will allow you to connect with your main audience and demographic better. An agency that is located overseas is more likely to create something that will be generic, and they may even make mistakes that could come off as being out of touch or offensive.

If you live in London, for instance, then a design agency in London will create visual content and copy that will resonate with Londoners more. This is very important since the city has a very different culture, and that needs to be represented in your material if you want it to stick.


Their Qualifications Will be Easier to Verify


Another benefit of hiring a local digital design agency is that you’ll be able to verify their expertise and qualifications better. A foreign company can tell you about the accolades they’ve received for instance, but it will be hard to tell how relevant they are. But, if you work with a local company, it will be easier to tell how prestigious the accolades they have received really are. You will also be able to meet people they worked with face to face. This will make sure that any references they give you are legitimate.

These are only some of the reasons why you should privilege a local team when looking for a digital design agency. There are many others too, so think twice before working with a team that’s not in your market and consider interviewing a few local agencies today.

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