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Instagram is gearing up to introduce an exciting feature to boost user engagement. Currently under testing with a select group, the platform is unveiling the option to incorporate polls directly within comments. This will be available not just for regular feed posts but also for the increasingly popular Reels. While polls are already a feature in Stories and Direct Messages, embedding them in comments can significantly amplify engagement. This addition presents a golden opportunity for brands and creators to elicit feedback, enhancing their engagement metrics and sending positive signals to Instagram’s algorithm.




On another front, after witnessing the positive reception of Broadcast Channels on Instagram, Meta is broadening its horizon. The company is set to launch this feature on Facebook and Messenger, amplifying the avenues for creators to connect with their audiences. For those unfamiliar, Broadcast Channels act as a one-directional group chat. It allows followers to stay updated with their favorite creators or prominent personalities through Direct Messages, keeping them engaged with the latest content.




TikTok, not one to be left behind, is pushing its boundaries with video durations. A select group of users has been intimated about the platform’s experimentation with 15-minute video uploads. Tracing back, TikTok initially capped videos at 15 seconds, which was subsequently increased to 60 seconds, capturing a broader spectrum of content. This limit saw further extensions to 3 minutes, then 5, and even soared to 10 minutes in 2022. Although the 10-minute option vanished as a direct in-app feature earlier this year, it remains accessible during uploads.

In the spirit of seasonal festivities, TikTok is also rolling out a fun feature to infuse Halloween vibes into user content. A fresh collection of voice modifiers, including eerie tones like werewolf, zombie, ghost, and witch, are being introduced. These Text-to-Speech and Voice Filter functionalities promise to add that extra spooky touch to your Halloween uploads.




WhatsApp is making strides to enhance user experience. Soon, those with dual WhatsApp accounts will experience the convenience of staying logged into both simultaneously on a single device. This upcoming feature promises to streamline the management of conversations for users, especially for those balancing a professional account alongside a personal one dedicated to friends and family. Keep an eye out, as this update is set to roll out in the forthcoming weeks.


X (Twitter)


Lastly, in a bold move, X is initiating a trial where new users are charged $1 for in-app interactions. While these new entrants can still peruse posts, their ability to post, like, or respond will be gated. Interestingly, data reveals that a whopping 80% of X’s user base remains passive without posting. While this paywall might not deter this majority, it could potentially influence the decision of newcomers contemplating joining the X community.


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