Ready for some social media news? As every week, we’ve summarised the most exciting social media platform updates in this blog. Keep reading to find out the latest social media news.




📍 Seen Instagram’s new “Nearby” feed for Stories (currently still in test mode with limited users)? It showcases content from local users and businesses. A word of caution: you might want to check your privacy settings (otherwise soon your neighbours will know what you’ve been up to).




🤖 Meta dives deeper into generative AI! Fancy an avatar upgrade? Facebook might soon let you generate enhanced profile images, echoing features on TikTok and Snapchat. But watch out! They’re also testing AI-generated Facebook posts. Bot-like, much? 🤨

🚫 Meta announces the discontinuation of Rooms in Facebook Groups. Remember those 50-member video chats launched in April 2020 during the pandemic (it is OK if you don’t, we barely could)? They’ll be no more from next month.




🌍 The new Digital Services Act (DSA) mandates major online platforms to report user stats. Speaking of stats, TikTok reveals: France leads with 21.4 million users, followed by Germany with 20.9 million and Italy with 19.7 million. 📊

🛍️ TikTok drops a guide for eCommerce brands. If you’re planning an ad campaign on the platform, this one’s a must-read!




💼 Lastly, LinkedIn shines in Microsoft’s Q1 2024 update. A whopping 985M members with record engagement! Growth has been skyrocketing (at least that’s what they say), thanks to AI enhancements and rich educational content on the platform.


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