Hope your Bonfire Night was dazzling! 💥 Now, let’s spark up your week with the latest in social media updates this Monday. 🔥📱




Instagram now lets you add song lyrics to Reels, just like Stories, for a musical twist 🎶📱. When you select a song for your Reel, you can display the lyrics on-screen, choose fonts, and highlight parts to enhance your message 🎤✨. This follows music’s role in TikTok’s success, as Instagram continues to enhance user experience with more creative options 🎵🔄.




Meta is wooing creators with new features for Reels, including reach and exposure perks 🌟. They’ve introduced A/B testing for captions and thumbnails to see which version resonates more with viewers in the first 30 minutes 🎞️📊. The most engaging version gets shown to a broader audience, offering valuable insights for future content strategies. 🚀💡

Meta is launching an “Achievements hub” on its Professional Dashboard to centralize creators’ rewards and badges 🏆. Creators over 18 can gain more visibility or a “Rising Creator” label by completing levels, boosting discoverability 🌟. Plus, a new dashboard feature lets creators manage posts, Reels, and videos in one spot, streamlining content control and insights 📈🎬.




🌍 The new Digital Services Act (DSA) mandates major online platforms to report user stats. Speaking of stats, TikTok reveals: France leads with 21.4 million users, followed by Germany with 20.9 million and Italy with 19.7 TikTok’s new partnership with Salesforce 🤝 makes it simpler for advertisers to move leads from TikTok ads to Salesforce, streamlining campaign management 📈. No coding needed for setup, it’s quick and user-focused, aiming to enhance lead capture and conversion. 💼🚀

TikTok’s has a new guide and it focuses on Q5 – the time from Christmas to mid-January, offering a chance for businesses to capitalise on festive engagement 🎄📈. They provide strategies for post-Christmas marketing in their “Q5 Playbook”, available in general and small business versions. This period typically sees increased engagement as people take breaks from their usual routines ✨📊




LinkedIn introduces new AI tools for Premium users, aimed at simplifying content analysis 🤖💼. AI will quickly highlight key points in feed posts, articles, and videos, offering insights with a click. While convenient, it raises questions about depth vs. efficiency in professional knowledge sharing. ⏱️📚




Google’s latest domain extension, .ing, offers a creative twist for brand URLs 🌐. It’s perfect for dynamic actions like creat.ingdonat.ing, or innovat.ing, adding a playful element to web addresses. Ready for any venture, .ing awaits your move! ✨🔗




Several great Threads updates: Web users can now edit alt text for better accessibility on videos and images 🖼️✍️. Drag-and-drop feature for attachments in the web app, simplifying post creation 🖱️📝. New engagement data insights, with detailed views of quote posts and reposts for tracking content resonance and audience interaction 🔍💡.



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