Many people have Googled this phrase: Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing – what are the differences? So, we’re here to help you. 

Looking to form a presence online, or market using more traditional methods – we explore both marketing types and which suits your business better. 

Take a look below at everything you need to know. 


The main differences: 

Digital marketing includes marketing communication channels such as social media, web and online advertising. You’ve probably been served an advert before on social media – that’s all part of digital marketing. 

Traditional marketing exercises more conventional forms of communication including printed branding, press and out-of-home advertising. The printed advert on the bus stop you walked past is a good example of traditional marketing. 

Both forms of marketing are equally as important as each other, however in an ever-evolving digital landscape, which one does your business align with more? 

Combining digital and traditional marketing together elevates your brand communication strategy – we’ve taken a deep dive below into the main points to consider. 


Digital Marketing


  • More open communication for engagement 
  • More defined targeting 
  • Measurable insights 
  • Faster results 


Traditional Marketing



We hope this short but to the point blog has helped you with answering the question: Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing – what are the differences?

Looking to define your marketing strategy? We’re here to help.