Top Tips For Black Friday

Love it or loathe it, Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

Black Friday sales is one of the most significant marketing events of the year, not only for online retailers but also for bricks-and-mortar businesses. And this year – if you are selling anything online (be it services or goods) – you don’t want to miss out on the incredible opportunity for sales boost that this period of the year brings. It’s an opportunity to capitalise on rising customer interest and a great chance to test out novel marketing and advertising strategies.

We’ve put up a list of our top marketing tips you can employ to increase traffic and sales to your e-commerce site in preparation for Black Friday 2022.

WeAgile Black Friday

Top Black Friday marketing tips to increase sales:

1 – Start early

Even though Black Friday is renowned as THE day when discounts are the biggest, you should start your promotions far earlier because a lot of businesses start “leaking bargains” through advertising in late October and early November, then nurture their current and potential clients through email and social media to drive sales. Also, ad buyers are putting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Facebook and Instagram earlier and earlier, giving them more time to figure out which creative assets work best and then increasing the ad spend for the best-performing assets during the Black Friday weekend. And we cannot ignore the National Retail Federation’s data – 52% of shoppers took advantage of early deals, often starting in October.

2 – Utilise Social Media

Reaching consumers wherever they are is crucial if you want your Black Friday marketing to be successful. You’re more likely to capture consumers’ attention if they see your message more than once in the run-up to Black Friday. Using social media and email marketing in conjunction is usually a very efficient method. For instance, you can use Facebook advertisements for retargeting email subscribers. But the big winners this year will be the brands that leverage the power of TikTok. Companies have a ridiculous amount of creative freedom on TikTok to really make their brands stand out. Check out our Top Tips For Marketing On TikTok to find out more.

WeAgile Black Friday Power of TikTok

3 – Scarcity

Users frequently pay more attention to products with limited supply, or sold tags on the homepage or category pages. They will make impulsive purchases if they worry about missing out on a product, which will increase your sales. So – create scarcity!

4 – Create access early email lists 

Email had the highest conversion rate last black Friday, with a 4.29% conversion rate, according to statistics from Shopify. Black Friday may be the ideal opportunity to gather data on your clients and future customers if you don’t already have an email list. Long-term relationships and involvement with your customers are what bring value to your content.

5 – Focus on mobile-first

In 2021, mobile sales accounted for 71% of total sales for Shopify merchants, compared to 29% for desktop sales. Your mobile site experience should be at least as good as your competitors’ (ideally – even better than theirs), otherwise, your potential clients will spend their mobile hours elsewhere and not on your website. By increasing your website’s loading speed, making it easier to navigate, and giving mobile-first clients the option of one-click purchases, you can increase the likelihood that mobile shoppers will find your store easy to use and pleasant. You could also make your mobile-first customers feel special by making offers that are only available on mobile.


6 – Simple check-out experience is a must-have

One-click buying means precisely that – purchases can be made with just one click, as the customer’s payment information is safely saved in their mobile wallet and readily accessible for the purchase completion. The most commonly used one-click services are Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Shop Pay.

7 – Excellent customer experience

Providing the finest customer experience possible will be essential for determining how well you and your e-commerce business perform on Black Friday. Ensure that all inquiries your consumers may have about your goods or services are handled by your customer service. If you don’t have a big customer service team, you could benefit from chatbots. They may, for instance, assist in informing the clients when a product is out of stock and offer alternatives. Additionally, they can be utilised to update customers on order status, delivery, or even recommend products depending on the customer’s search criteria. A well-built bot may provide 24/7 individualised, helpful, and effective support.   

If you’re not sure whether your e-commerce store or marketing campaigns are ready for Black Friday, get in touch, and we will help you!