UGC content, more formally known as User Generated Content refers to content created by someone who is not an official representative of your business. UGC marketing is a powerful tool for your overall marketing strategy, as UGC marketing can reach a wide audience from an organic content perspective; User Generated Content consists of those snapshots people post on social media where they use, interact, and enjoy a product.

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Valuable Insights


Analysing data collected from UGC content can help steer your strategy forward. UGC content allows you to study the type of content your audience is interacting with and provides key engagement insights, which in turn can lead to sales. Collecting valuable insights regarding content, will help generate a forward-thinking plan and further audience understanding.


Organic Perspective


UGC content provides audiences with an organic perspective in comparison to an influential perspective. Due to the current digital landscape, users are finding it more appealing to purchase products from UGC creators, rather than influencers.


Boosted Reach


Executing a UGC based social media campaign can help strengthen your brand and build consumer relationships, therefore increasing social traffic leading to a higher follower base, extended reach and increased brand awareness. Nearly 80% of people say that UGC impacts their decision to purchase, making user-generated content and social media the perfect match.


Faster Purchase Decisions


User Generated Content is highly influential when it comes to the final stages of a buyers journey. UGC is authentic social proof, influencing other audience types to purchase a product, especially when they see another person wearing or trying the product in real-time.


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