The Planet Mark™ Start! is a three-step sustainability programme designed to provide businesses with a clear understanding of the benefits of sustainability and to provide the tools, resources and support to take action and ensure your business or business idea is fit for the future.

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CSR needs to be at the heart of every business

Throughout 2020, WeAgile’s focus has been on developing and activating CSR activities to make sure we contribute both to society and to our thriving planet. We believe that CSR needs to be at the heart of every business so that the entire team has the ability to do good.

So earlier this month WeAgile participated in ‘The Planet Mark Start!’ workshop to learn more about how to balance our economic, environmental, and social impacts.

The Planet Mark Start certificate, by creating a sustainability vision statemeent and committing to communicate our progress externally
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Step towards creating a sustainability vision

‘The Planet Mark Start!’ workshop helped us to identify the global sustainability issues affecting every business, including ours, understand the business case for taking action on climate issues and create a bespoke sustainability vision and a plan to realise it.

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CSR — crucial for any business

“We’re now better equipped to measure and improve our sustainability progress. The days of running a business purely focused on profits are gone, so having a solid CSR policy and a clear plan of how to implement it is crucial for any business. It can give any business a competitive advantage, cost savings, increased engagement from clients and employees, and many other benefits. The workshop definitely helped us to assess the impact we are having on all aspects of society, such as economic, environmental and social.”

Liene Sira – Head of Operations

Collage of 15 pictures each showing an economic, enovironmental or social issues of the world today