Technology has evolved considerably over the last decade, and it’s changed the face of web design, which means traditional design features have become stale. When a user lands on a website, they expect to find the latest features, which brings us to the latest digital design trends for websites.


Mobile Optimisation


Smartphones have been the mobile standard since around 2010, and it’s now estimated that 86.11% of the world’s population owns a smartphone device. In 2023, more than half of all global web traffic originates from smartphones. Therefore, web design has to be optimised to function properly on smartphones, which can be achieved through countless plugins on WordPress and other content management systems (CMS). Alternatively, website owners can turn to a reputable design agency in London, who will integrate mobile optimisation as standard.


Page Speed and Website Loading Times


Web users expect fast-paced digital services, meaning they’re not willing to wait around to use sluggish platforms. As a rule, the average user will ditch a website within 1-2 seconds, which means a website or page should load within 3 seconds or less. Every month, website owners should do a little “spring cleaning” to ensure everything is running smoothly. Again, this is something that a quality digital design agency London will take care of.




Chatbots have been gaining traction over the last few years, and 2023 shows no signs of slowing them down. With machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more intuitive, chatbots will become an industry expectation for dealing with personalised experiences and basic customer queries. You’ll find many chatbot plugins on web builders, but using one of these may make your website feel mundane. Therefore, you should have a team of experts from a London digital agency create a unique looking chatbot from scratch.


Virtual Reality


VR isn’t ground-breaking technology, but it’s become more affordable and more integrated into the mainstream’s eye, especially in web design. If you’ve used Airbnb or a similar accommodation booking platform over the last few years, you’ll know that you can take a virtual tour of a property before securing your stay. This is one of the more basic examples of VR in websites, but 2023 will see more use cases emerge.




Web users want to feel engaged when visiting websites in 2023, which is why there are more interactive elements than ever before. For example, if you use a simple cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, you’ll most likely find profit calculators, conversion tools, liquidity analytics and a host of other useful tools. As well as useful tools, you can explore elements of interactive marketing including contests, calculators, fun quizzes, and surveys. If you outsource your marketing, these are all elements a digital creative agency London can add to a website.

This article only scratches the surface when it comes to 2023 digital web design trends, but it’s safe to say that it’s all focused on improving user experiences and tailoring platforms around mobile usage. If website owners entrust an experienced digital agency London, all of these trending features will be integrated uniquely.

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