Almost everyone has heard the word “WordPress”. In case you are still wondering what it is (which is very unlikely) – WordPress is a popular tool for building websites and managing content. It’s like WordPress is the cool kid in the website world, with almost half of all the big websites hanging out with it. WordPress powers some of the most well-known websites globally, including The New York Times and The Walt Disney Company. It’s free and open-source, meaning you can customise it to design your site the way you want. If you want a unique website with special features, WordPress could be a good choice. However, remember that it might not be easy for everyone to learn – so that’s where WeAgile comes in and helps you realise your dreams of a fancy and sleek website. Check out our detailed review if you’re curious whether WordPress is right for your needs, experience, and budget.

But let’s clear some things up first… vs


Let’s clarify that WordPress has two’ flavours’: (which we’re discussing in this blog article) and is the version where your website is hosted for a monthly fee, like Wix or Weebly. On the other hand, is the free, open-source option that you host yourself.




WordPress is incredibly customisable! You can change how your website looks, add cool features, and make it truly yours. Whether you’re a coding wizard or have never written a line of code, you can customise your WordPress site to match your unique style and needs. There are thousands of themes and plugins available (more about that below) that allow you to tweak, adjust, and personalise every aspect of your website. So, yes, WordPress is like a playground for customisation!


Plugins and extensions


As we found out earlier – WordPress is a super flexible tool for creating websites. It’s like having a magical box where you can customise things exactly how you want. If you think of something cool, you can make it come true with themes, plugins and extensions. This has made WordPress one of the biggest collections of tools in the whole wide world. Right now, there are over 59,000 of these plugins (and all of them are free!), and new ones keep popping up every single day! You might have heard about some of the most popular plugins, like, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Elementor, etc.


SEO optimisation


WordPress simplifies the way you organise, handle, and share your content to make it friendly for search engines. That’s why it’s known as the top choice for making your website search-engine friendly. However, just having a WordPress site won’t automatically put you on Google’s first page. Using WordPress features, themes, and plugins alone won’t increase your natural website traffic unless you have a proper plan in place. So, if you need help with your SEO plan – WeAgile can definitely help you. But, a good place to start would be Yoast SEO. We briefly mentioned Yoast SEO in the previous section. Yoast SEO serves as a plugin designed for optimising search engine performance within WordPress. With a user base surpassing 5 million active installations, it has over 350 million downloads and has 25,000 five-star reviews on


E-commerce integration


Did you know that such huge companies as Etsy, Walmart, IKEA, Dell, Samsung, H&M to name just a few, are all e-commerce websites powered by WordPress? WordPress, as an eCommerce platform, provides a lot when it comes to making things just how you want. You can pick from different themes and plugins to give your site e-commerce powers. The way it’s easy to use and can grow as your business does, makes it a good choice for both big and small businesses. Here are our top picks for the finest e-commerce platforms tailored for WordPress users: WooCommerce (the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin), Shopify (which pretty much handles everything for you), and BigCommerce.


WordPress Security measures


WordPress stands strong with robust security features to safeguard websites from potential threats. Around 50 dedicated security experts are consistently working on improving the security of WordPress. This team collaborates closely with trusted security groups, researchers, and hosting firms, especially when addressing shared dependency issues. Speaking of security, web hosting also plays an important role. As WordPress doesn’t handle website hosting, choosing a reliable hosting provider becomes crucial to ensure robust protection against potential threats. If you need any help with choosing the best (and green) web hosting platform – feel free to get in touch with WeAgile.


Content management system (CMS)


WordPress holds its position as the preferred Content Management System (CMS) for a variety of compelling reasons. WordPress isn’t just desktop-friendly; it works on mobile devices, too, ensuring a seamless user experience across all screens. When it comes to media management, WordPress doesn’t disappoint. It empowers users to handle images, videos, and other content with ease, making their websites visually appealing and engaging. But that’s not all. WordPress doesn’t just stop at looks; it’s also SEO-savvy (see the paragraph on SEO above). Behind the scenes, its well-designed backend provides a user-friendly environment for managing content, ensuring that both beginners and experienced users can navigate the CMS comfortably. So WeAgile – a London-based digital agency – can build you a stunning WordPress website which you (very likely) will be able to manage yourself afterwards.


WordPress – a Blogging platform


WordPress is great for blogs, and it’s better than other blog platforms. You can make your blog really cool with it. Because nobody likes boring looking blogs, right? There’s this thing called the Gutenberg editor. It’s easy to use and has different parts (they’re like building blocks). You can put these blocks together to make your blog look awesome without needing to know the code. This editor is a big part of WordPress now, so it works well with everything else. And the best part? Blogs made with it load fast! But if you like the old editor better, no worries. You can switch back with a few clicks. Did you know even PlayStation’s blog uses WordPress?


Although many people think creating a WordPress website is as simple as making a Wix or Squarespace website, it is not always the case. Partnering with a professional digital agency for WordPress website development is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your online presence. A digital agency brings a wealth of expertise, ensuring that your website is not only visually appealing but also optimised for performance, user experience, and search engine visibility. Our team’s proficiency in leveraging WordPress’s customisation options, themes, and plugins ensures a tailored solution that aligns with your brand and goals. Moreover, a digital agency (just like WeAgile) can provide strategic insights, content creation, and digital marketing services to complement your website, driving traffic, engagement, and conversions. We hope WeAgile will become your digital agency and a valuable ally in harnessing the full potential of your WordPress website and achieving your digital objectives effectively.

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