Threads has announced that it’s now testing the ability to save posts in the app, which has been a highly requested feature update. Threads’ new “Save” option will be available in the three dots menu on any post in the app. Saved posts will then be available in your profile menu options, the same as they are on Instagram.




Facebook is testing a new feature which enables you to create a post caption via generative AI, in order to help you come up with better content. Some Facebook users are now seeing a new “Write with AI” prompt in the post composer.




TikTok’s testing a new live engagement element called “Sub Space”, which is a subscriber-only, chat-like addition that’ll ideally help to incentivise more sign-ups by giving paying subscribers dedicated focus in live chats.




Instagram has expanded its new Cutout sticker option to also include videos, enabling you to create animated stickers from any video clip posted in the app. Now in addition to being able to cut entities from still images, you can also isolate essentially GIFs from videos as well.


X (Twitter)


X has already expanded the length of posts to enable more context in updates, and soon, X users will also be able to publish articles directly on X, in a new longer content format. X is currently experimenting with a new “X articles” update, which will seemingly provide a dedicated blog posting system, along with a custom link preview card within the X feed, that’ll take users through to the more traditional news content format.


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