Happy Monday, everyone! 🌟 As we shake off the weekend vibes, let’s dive into the latest weekly social media updates to kickstart our week informed and ahead of the curve. 📲🚀




Alongside the “Close Friends” feature, Instagram will now also display other lists that you’ve created, so you can share your content with selected groups. More privacy is what people are looking for. 🌟




A fresh filter is in the works! It aims to highlight Meta Verified replies, emphasising genuine interactions and reducing bot and spam disruptions. A move towards prioritising quality engagement! 🛡️




Pondering an ad-free tier? TikTok might soon offer users an ad-free experience at $US4.99/month, aligning with platforms like Meta and possibly X in introducing ad-free options. 💡




Dive into YouTube Shorts with its first AI-driven feature, “Bloom”. A quirky effect transforming users into colourful topiary art! 🌷 A tad unusual, but it’s stirring curiosity among creators and viewers.


X (Twitter)


Video enthusiasts take note! X will offer creators the flexibility to pick their video’s upload quality – ideal for speedy uploads or low-data scenarios. 🎬.


X mulls over erasing all engagement metrics on posts, retaining only the ‘Views’ counter. While this interaction data might vanish from the feed view, it remains accessible within post details. 🤔


Stay updated and let’s continue to adapt in the forever-changing world of social media! 🌐🔄

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