With over a million web development agencies out there, how do you narrow it down to the web development agency that will deliver the perfect result you have envisaged? How can you ensure that they will take care of all the technical details that are outside of your experience?

There is a lot more to web design than the look of your site, although you may not want to compromise on aesthetics.

Here is a guide to selecting a web development agency in the UK that will provide a comprehensive and all-inclusive service to meet your expectations.

Determine Your Requirements

Every SME is different. Determine your specific needs and discuss these with prospective agencies on your shortlist. You will have to inform them if you will be conducting e-commerce on your site, looking to grow your business, aiming to increase sales, or attracting more visitors, as well as any other specific requirements.

Decide How Much You Can Spend

You will have to decide on the budget you can afford to spend. This may limit your options if your budget is small. However, pricing varies among web development agencies, and you should look for a company that can accommodate your vision at an affordable rate.

Attitude And Knowledge of Staff

A great web development agency will take the time to listen to you. Staff members will ask all the important questions and be able to provide the backend technology for user-friendly browsing, SEO, purchasing, safe transacting, and other requirements. Remember that not all agencies are equal.


When you know what to look for in a web design agency, you are more likely to get the results you are looking for. This means looking at the work an agency has done for other customers and reading their feedback. If all their websites look similar, they will not be able to provide you with a unique design. Legitimate and competent agencies will provide statistics of what they have achieved for other businesses, like lowered bounce rates, growth in sales, and an acceptable ROI.

Check Their Knowledge Base on SEO

SEO is an important part of website development. Read up on it so that you can ask directed questions to test if an agency can provide an expert service in this regard. You should also check the agency’s own website to see how they have applied SEO, as this can make or break an SME that is seeking its market niche.

Making a Final Selection

Create a shortlist of potential companies before making a final selection of the best web development agency in the UK for your needs. Ask for quotations and specs so that you can make an informed comparison. Don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest one unless they can meet all your requirements and have a proven track record.

Choose a web design agency that is user centred. It must offer bespoke solutions tailored to your product or service and appeal to your customer base. The right web design will increase your sales with fewer clicks and create a great consumer experience.

These tips will guide you in what to look for in a web design agency.


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