Facebook are rolling out some new features following the recent iOS privacy update in the hope it will drive businesses back to using their platform but have they missed the boat in rolling these out?

With customers having much more power over their data and personalisation becoming an opt-in experience, Facebook have announced a rollout of features for Facebook advertisers.

Explore similar businesses – Facebook has been trialling a new feature allowing users to ‘explore similar businesses’ under news feed posts by tapping topics they’re interested in like fashion, food, fitness, etc. This would allow Facebook to create its own data set of users who like certain types of content. It’s early days, but over time this could be turned into an advertising avenue.

Default messaging – Facebook’s default messaging will make it easier for users to get in touch with businesses by offering all messaging platforms where available. Facebook will default the chat app in the ads based on where the conversation is most likely to happen.

Email marketing – Facebook’s business suite is also getting an update that will now allow businesses to manage emails through their inbox and send out remarketing emails.

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Testing versions of posts – Along with the update to email marketing in Facebook business suite, businesses will now be able to use a new file manager for creating, managing and posting content. Users will also be able to access a feature that will allow for the testing of different versions of posts to see which one is the most effective.

Quote requests – Another new feature Facebook will be rolling out is quote requests on messenger. This would allow users to click ‘Get Quote’ on a businesses Facebook page and be led to a messenger conversation where customers can connect directly with a representative.

Work accounts – Lastly, Facebook will begin testing ‘Work accounts’ which will allow business owners to access business products like business manager separately from their personal Facebook account. Work accounts will be tested towards the end of this year and are expected to launch in early 2022.

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