Mobile app developers in the UK, as well as most other parts of the world, have already incorporated the agile methodology into their software development process. It’s the way to move forward in software development for both developers and their clients. In this brief introduction to agile app development, we will be focussing on how an app design agency uses agile mobile app development for the client’s benefit.


Client Involvement


An essential part of the agile software development process is client involvement. When the developer and the client work together on a project, the client holds greater control and sway over the process than they otherwise would. They work together to develop an application that’s as close to what the client needs as it can be.

Clients can ask a developer to make changes and add/remove features based on their current needs, whether any of their new requirements were part of the original plan or not. There are some limits to how much of that can be accommodated, but the client will always have the option to discuss alternatives with the developer, as they remain a part of the project from start to finish.


Customised Software Products


An agile mobile app development agency will always develop the most uniquely useful and customised products for its clients. The reason has a lot to do with the first benefit we discussed, which is client involvement. When the client is made a part of the development process from planning to delivery and beyond, the product is likely to be exactly what they wanted, customised to the point of perfection.


Relevant Applications


Relevance can be a highly variable and troublesome factor in today’s fast-changing industry. Developing, debugging, patching, and updating an app until it’s ready to be used in a consumer market/commercial setting can take anything between a few weeks to a few years, depending on the project’s scale and requirements. Under the traditional model, it was not uncommon to find that by the time a client’s mobile app was ready, it had already become partially outdated in comparison to the concurrent market requirements.

That’s a waste of time, effort, and money that agile software development can mitigate to a great extent. If you want the best mobile app development agency in London, we can help. We work hard to develop and deliver customised mobile apps that are always relevant to the current market requirements of the client. We use agile software development methodology so any apps we develop for our clients are always the best version possible for the market at the time the app is released. As we work in real-time with our clients’ feedback and develop apps in iterative versions, any chances of the final product being outdated are automatically eliminated. That is not to say that app development in London in general follows these agile methods exclusively, but the best mobile app developers in London certainly do. Contact us today to learn more.


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