Social media gives your brand the opportunity to connect and engage with your audience or prospective audience online directly. 74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchase choices, meaning social media should be an essential component of your marketing. Since COVID, there has been a significant increase in social media use and this is expected to be maintained throughout 2023 and onwards. Connecting with your consumers on social media should tie back to your overall brand strategy and additionally, each post should have a goal and purpose. WeAgile, a social media agency with years of experience, shares the five ways to create a strong connection with your consumers on social media.


Be Educational


Showing your consumers how to get more value out of your product can increase your sales, due to the nature of actually teaching rather than promoting. Effectively providing tutorials and shareable content can create engagement and loyalty, eventually leading to sales.


Be Human


People go on social media to be…social. Brands can often create a barrier between the brand and consumer by using corporate language and brand imagery only. By using humor on social media, you can increase engagement with current customers and grow your follower count when people share your post with their friends.


Be intentional


By creating a forward-thinking social media strategy which benefits your business AND your audience together, you can grow new audiences, engagement and sales It’s important to dedicate time, resources and budget to your social media overall plan to gain results in the long-run. 


Be Open to Sharing the Love


Sharing content that is relevant to your audience from other sources, increases your brand value. Sharing content can come from a number of sources including other social accounts, blogs, videos and articles, leading to increased reach and further audience loyalty. Considering your audiences interests shows you are interested in furthering engagement with them and being considerate of their needs. 


Be Willing to Promote


Promotional social media posts should be a part of your social media content calendar and overall strategy, however they should only make up a limited amount of your posts. Being mindful when it comes to social media promotion is key, as it is important to consider how often your audience would actually like to see these types of posts while scrolling down their feed. Consider adding a discount to these types of posts or also encourage sharing by letting your audience know they’ll be the first to own a particular product.

WeAgile is a social media agency with experience in managing clients social media accounts. We can do all the above for you.

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