The phrase is thrown around a lot and used to make people believe that technology will solve all your problems but the reality is it goes beyond that.
True digital transformation includes processes, culture and organisational change.

Flashy promises, buzz words, quick solutions – not falling for these will save you a lot of trouble down the road (and also a penny or two for that morning coffee). When done right, digital transformation can do wonders, so here are few tips on how to go about it.


Digital Transformation




Question what the hell it even means and why is it overused to sell non-transformative projects?

Digital Transformation! What does it even mean!?

The way in which digital transformation is thrown around in the industry and, predominantly a lot with agencies and consultancies, is – it’s a way to express that using digital will transform either your business or even the industry like it is all dependent on technology.  And the reality is that this isn’t even about technology.

The reality is – to do true digital transformation, you’re talking about the business process, the business model, even changing the industry in which you work in, somehow in a positive way, and it’s definitely around cultural and organisational change. You know, the technology aspect of it isn’t the main purpose. Fundamentally, that is all about providing efficiency gains and things to improve customer experience, of course, but if the mindset of the company isn’t created to adapt this change and make it work, then all technology is going to do is use up a lot of money to do this change and accelerate further problems in the business!

My point here is – if digital transformation is a selling point to a particular agency, you have to question the facts.  Can they even provide that? Because the agency will build a product, of course, and that might help something in terms of efficiency, but unless they have access to top stakeholders in a large company that has an impact in their industry over a long period of time, you know, that’s the only way you’re going to get any form of digital transformation to be frank.

My advice is – if you are effectively looking around for partners or doers, people that can help you with your business using digital transformation as a selling tool, I would question that significantly if it is ever brought up and that would mean questioning:

  • What impact did you have?
  • What was the actual transformation you performed?
  • What were the results it produced, and I think, if you really want, to cut it down into a short summary- look for valid results or impact from that particular company,
  • …….and look past the complex buzzwords, which there are lots of them beyond ‘digital transformation’ used.

And really assess – is it valid or is it effectively just words? Because, otherwise, if it’s just words, it’s just a way to oversell and overhype a company beyond what they are actually doing.

My advice for digital transformation is – in many ways, take it with a pinch of salt and look past that as to what they actually deliver to the world and see REAL RESULTS.

Don’t just believe the words.