Remote working sounds like a great for most people, however, there are both advantages and drawbacks that not all of us were aware of, before this ‘era’ of remote working started this year.

Are you working remotely? If so, have you experienced any of the issues and ‘remote-worker symptoms’  Monshur discusses in this episode?


Remote Working




Remote working, it’s not for everyone…

Remote Working

It’s not for everyone or every company and that’s okay. Of course, there are obvious advantages like flexibility, managing your working environment, and missing out on the rush hour madness.

But there are some drawbacks. People just tend not to talk about them. The two I want to talk to you about today are burnout and loneliness.

If you’re not able to manage your time properly when you’re working remotely, you can easily work into your evenings. You can easily work into your weekends. It’s important that you build a structure and you stick to it.

One of the biggest issues with remote working is loneliness. If you feed off the buzz of teammates sitting around you to be productive and proactive, it may be a shock to the system the moment you start having to work in isolation.

There are things you can do – such as going to work from a coffee shop or maybe even working from a co-working space.

But ultimately remote working is on you, so you need to be comfortable in managing your own time.