Workshops – is it important to have one at the beginning of your project? Does it change anything? What are the benefits? There’s many questions about them, but there’s also many useful and sensible answers.

From higher success rate to cost certainty – those are just few of the benefits. Listen to the episode, and find out more.






‘Why the hell do we need to have a workshop for this?’ For couple of reasons, really… 


Workshops are something that I think is super underestimated as to the importance of having one and making sure that any initiative you do in your business should be done with a framework around it at the start just to align people, make sure everyone understands what we have to do to get to the goal, to make sure that we understand what the initiative needs to do for either the team internally, or the customers externally, and just build a plan that actually is documented, but in a really rapid way.

I’m not talking about doing a workshop, like, having a meeting where you discuss and brainstorm and the loudest person generally gets the most time to talk in the meeting or the most senior.

I’m talking about a very structured very democratic way to solve problems quickly and also to make decisions fast and capture them into actions that people can commit to.

Yes, money up-front to pay for these things might be a shock to some people, maybe there’s an education piece on trying to normalise the word ‘workshops’. But to make any sort of initiative or project in your business have a much greater success rate and to also produce the output that really you’re looking for, and really just de-risk it all, I think, and give a lot more time and cost certainty.

A workshop is the way to unlock this.