In 2023, mobile users can choose from almost two million Apple apps or close to three million on Google Play Store. The UK was way ahead of European markets in 2021 in generating income from mobile apps. Nearly 80% of adults in the United Kingdom access internet from their mobiles. On average, mobile users spend four hours a day on their phones. 

There is no better way to communicate with your customers than via a mobile app in this modern age of technology. It will connect you to your target audience directly and improve the customer experience for them. We give you the most important reasons for getting a mobile app for your small business below.

Engaging with Your Customers Directly

A mobile app is a very direct way to communicate with your target market. You can provide this group with tons of important information that builds a connection between you and them and provides great marketing opportunities. An app will also provide you, as a small business owner, with useful statistics to inform your strategies.

Increased Engagement by Customers

When you have a business app, your customers can contact you with queries. This allows you to keep a pulse on concerns that you are then able to address immediately, preventing negative reviews. It also allays their worries about deliveries as they can track their orders on the app. A mobile app development agency will design an app for you.

Enhancing Brand Awareness

You will want to use one of the best mobile app developers in London to build an app that reflects your brand accurately. This is an extension of your website and other marketing initiatives that gives you an edge against competitors, provided the app design agency does a sterling job. There are plenty of mobile app developers in the UK to choose from. Your app will gain your small business more coverage and attract a wider audience. 

Having a New Marketing Channel

Only 43% of UK adults still use a laptop or desktop to search their browser for information. An app is always available on a mobile phone and gives you the means to make timely announcements that will reach everyone who has your app. This is the perfect way to inform your customers of special deals.

Creating a Loyalty Program

A mobile app allows you to share special deals with your entire customer base. It also gives you a gateway, through loyalty programs, to increase customer retention. At the same time, it will boost sales.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Many small business owners think their companies are not big enough to warrant an app. If you get in first with the best mobile app development agency, you will have an app that stands out and gets to work for you straight away. App development in London is big, so choose your agency carefully.

Be a leader in your industry and establish your niche more firmly with a mobile app.

Does your business need an app? Contact us today to see how we can help you