Supporting the unsupported

WeAgile is a digital agency that is well known for

its social responsibility activities both throughout Covid-19 and after.


Digital agency doing good both online and offline

The team is proudly doing good not just online but also offline. In 2022 we’ve built charities websites pro-bono, raised money for MS-UK, and this November, instead of chasing the Black Friday Deals online, we are helping to end youth homelessness by joining 150 other businesses in London for the Sleep Out 2022. 

On 24th November, The WeAgile team will give up their beds and sleep out in recognition, not replication, of homelessness this winter. Many people are not aware that youth homelessness in the UK is actually a huge issue. In the UK, it’s estimated that over 120,000 children and young people are homeless. Our goal this year is to provide shelter for at least two of them.

WeAgile Digital Agency Sleep Out

Hope to inspire other digital agencies in London and the UK

We hope that we will inspire other digital agencies in London and across the UK to support their local communities and charities in any way they can – both online and offline. We are excited about 2023 and all the fantastic things we will do as part of our digital agency’s social responsibility programme.

We won’t ask you to spend a night in a lodge on a wooden floor – we’ll do that, however, if possible, we kindly ask for your support to get at least 2 young people into a housing before the winter starts.  For someone who’s homeless, even £5 will make a big difference, so no matter how much you can give, we will appreciate your support and update you on what we’ve achieved once the campaign is over.

If you choose to donate this is where your money goes…

    • £25 could cover a safe night’s accommodation for a young person
    • £42 could provide an hour of support from a mental health specialist
    • £450 could provide a young person with a rent deposit or cover their first month’s rent 

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