When 90% of people have stopped using an app due to poor performance, it’s very clear that app design is a key component of keeping people interested. It must be user-friendly and avoid causing them any frustration.

If you’re just getting started on app design or aren’t quite sure what turns people off, there are some things to bear in mind.

Here are the dos and don’ts of app design.


The Dos of App Design


Here are the things you should bear in mind when designing an app. From home app design to logo app design, these are all important.


1. Make Navigation Clear


The navigation menu on any app needs to be extremely clear. If people are struggling to find where to go and can’t get to the section that they want, they’re more likely to X out and find an alternative app.

Make sure the navigation is visible on the homepage of the app and very hard to miss.


2. Use Accessible Text


15% of the world’s population has some sort of disability and yet, they’re often not concerned in the app design world — but they should be. Design accessible text, with clean edges and large fonts to ensure it’s easy to read.

If you want to go further, you can add a customisation option to enlarge the text size or change the font for the user.


3. Ask For Feedback


Asking for feedback is essential, whether you have testers who tell you what works and what doesn’t or have a feedback form right within the app. You need to be open to listening to criticism and ideas to create the best app possible.


The Don’ts of App Design


When designing your app, you need to make sure you’re avoiding the following pitfalls. They’ll make your app worse.


1. Don’t Compromise Load Time


Although there might be a lot that you want to put in your app, there shouldn’t be so much that it compromises the load time.

If your users have to stare at a blank screen for ten seconds before getting to the content, they’ll go elsewhere.


2. Don’t Rely on the Web


Remember that web design is very different from app design, so don’t rely on it too much when apps should work best on a mobile interface. That means trying to avoid directing users to a browser at any point too.


3. Don’t Try to Get it Perfect Right Away


You should understand that app design is a process. You probably won’t get things perfect right away, and that’s okay! Be open to feedback and do your best and, over time, you’ll craft the perfect app.


Designing an App Is an Art


App design is an art that takes time, and you must bear your users in mind. If you think about the people navigating your app and try to avoid the pitfalls, you’ll come up with the best interface.

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