Digital design trends to watch out for in 2023 are – bright colours, improved accessibility, custom illustrations, 3D graphics, and dark mode. Whether your digital design agency in London is designing digital marketing materials or websites, it’s important to stay on top of the latest design trends. Now that 2023 is officially underway, let us take a look at what to expect to change in digital design over the next 12 months.


Try Bright Colours


Bold, bright colours attract attention and draw the viewer in. This is especially important in marketing materials. An important goal of a digital design agency in London is to increase engagement. Using bright, bold colours is a great way to do this as they grab the eye and encourage the viewer to look more closely at the web page, marketing email, online ad, etc. Colours that “pop” are expected to be huge in 2023, so get used to seeing lots of hot pink, deep mauve, bright turquoise, and zingy red this year.


Improve Accessibility


There will be an increased focus on adding elements to improve accessibility this year. Following on from the point above, one way to do this is by using strong colours between the background and the text on a web page. Another method involves putting outlines around links when keyboard navigation is used.


Invest In Custom Illustrations


What better way to boost engagement than with custom illustrations? These are already a thing, as brands seek to differentiate their offerings from other brands, but we expect this trend to continue through 2023.

Instead of using boring photos of your team on the ‘About Us’ page for your digital creative agency London, why not commission some fun cartoonish illustrations instead? It adds personality and a more youthful vibe, as well as creating a more unique brand experience for users. People are more likely to remember a fun illustration than a stuffy, boring stock photo.


Use 3D Graphics


The metaverse is a separate yet connected place that many believe is the next iteration of the internet. 3D graphics are set to become more popular over the next year, as London digital agency creatives try to grab the attention of people seeking ever more immersive experiences. This can be done in various ways. Digital agency London designers can add depth using 3D shadows and contours, more texture, and added motion to graphics. All of these things will create a greater sense of depth in a graphical image.


Include Animations


Animations are fun and a great way to add some creativity to a web page. Taking this one step further, you can customise the user experience by altering the way they interact with the website. One way to do this is by creating an animated cursor. Users will enjoy seeing their curser change as they interact with different elements of the site. This is a fun digital design trend for 2023 we can be certain site visitors will love.


Embrace Dark Mode


If you’re not already designing web pages in Dark Mode, maybe it’s time to give this one a try. With mobile browsing now so prolific, dark themes are becoming increasingly popular. Dark designs are aesthetically pleasing and easier on the eye, which helps keep users on the page for longer.

2023 looks like it will be an exciting year for digital design. Is your digital agency ready to embrace these new trends?