User Interface (UI) is the user end of a software application’s interactive interface. User Experience (UX) is defined as the experience that the users have while interacting with that interface. Therefore, to boost the UX, we must improve the UI as needed. Up next, we will be discussing a few pointers for better UI & UX design.


Ensure Better Visibility


The two most important and preliminary requirements that even the most rudimentary UI must meet in order to engage the audience are clarity and readability.


    • Clarity: Everything that you wish the viewers to see should be clearly visible and sometimes highlighted on each page.
    • Readability: All the text on each page must be sharp, clear, and easily readable against the page’s background.

Creating contrast between the background and the foreground is the obvious solution here, but you must be careful while choosing the right type of contrast. There are several ways to do so, but they are not universally advisable for all sites.

For example, when there’s an image in the background with multiple colours in it, creating contrast is not as easy as using black text on a white background. That is when you should be using the transition effect of a linear gradient to enhance the readability of the text, without affecting the background image’s clarity.


Synchronise the Page’s Content with Its Theme


This one’s more about UX enhancement than it is about functional UI changes. The theme must synchronise with the subject and the content of each page. For example, using black as a background is generally not advisable whether you have an eCommerce page with multiple listings, or a general blog site focused on lifestyle, fashion, and health.

Off-white shades work best for most sites. Just a little experimentation on the colour wheel and you can get the colour scheme to suit your page content.

On the other hand, you will find that quite a few product sites with high-end electronics and/or gaming gear tend to go for a colour scheme that’s dominated by a black background. It’s the right choice for them because the colour black acts as a perfect contrast and background for showcasing high-resolution product images and videos.


Work with Professionals


If you have the basics covered, there is indeed a lot you can do on your own, and even more so with the tips just discussed. However, unless you are an experienced professional from a digital creative agency London, there will always be a lot of room for improvement.

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