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Designing Beyond Static: The Art of Interactive Prototyping

August 31, 2023
Interactive prototyping brings your designs to life, enabling dynamic user experiences. Find out more about this important and fun step of app and website design and development.
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Weekly Social Media Updates

August 29, 2023
Ready to plunge into the freshest excitement in the realm of social media? Brace yourself for a thrilling ride through the latest and greatest updates that are an absolute must-know.
ArticlesWeb Design and Development

The ABCs of Persona Mapping

August 16, 2023
Read more about crafting detailed profiles to understand and connect with your target audience. Persona Mapping 101.
ArticlesWeb Design and Development

From Bugs to Brilliance: Best Practices for Successful Quality Assurance

August 11, 2023
Quality assurance ensures that your website or app consistently meet predefined standards, enhancing reliability and customer satisfaction. Read more about the importance of QA here.
ArticlesWeb Design and Development

How User Testing Shapes Digital Products and Customer Satisfaction

August 10, 2023
This is definitely the most comprehensive blog we've prepared for you on user testing (this will work both for your websites and apps).
ArticlesWeb Design and Development

The Enduring Value of WordPress Websites: Here’s Why

August 8, 2023
Check out our detailed review if you're curious whether WordPress is right for your needs, experience, and budget.
ArticlesSocial Media Marketing

Hot Social Media Updates: TikTok, Instagram, Meta

August 7, 2023
Ready to dive into the latest buzz in the social media world? We've got some exciting social media updates that you don't want to miss.
ArticlesUX/UI Design

3 Tips for a Better UI & UX Design

July 18, 2023
User Interface (UI) is the user end of a software application’s interactive interface, while User Experience (UX) is the experience users have while interacting with that interface. For better UX design, we therefore must improve the UI. In this article we explore 3 top tips for better UI and UX design.
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Introduction to How Agile Mobile App Development Works in the Client’s Favour

July 18, 2023
Worldwide, app agencies are adopting agile methodologies in app development. In this brief introduction, we look at how an app design agency can use agile mobile app development for the client’s benefit.

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