Empowering people and businesses to manage their own tips and adapt to an increasingly cashless world

The mission was to create a completely digital and cashless solution to tipping that’s low cost, accessible and simple to use. The solution would need to scale internationally from the UK & EU countries to countries where the tipping culture is more prevalent, such as in the USA.  We would also need to find ways to empower the user to take control and gain more tips for work in their field, focusing particularly on low-income countries to help people generate additional income, such as Sri Lanka and India.

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What we did

  • Create ideas after analysing gaps in the market and competitors
  • Devised a unique product that adds more value to customers
  • Design sprint workshopping and researching to establish the best technologies to use in the product
  • Validation of the product
  • Launch strategy planned and executed to grow user base, generate organic revenue and enable the first wave of marketing to grow the audience
  • Investment support to prepare for first-round funding to accelerate the growth of the product internationally and into the USA
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What we provided

  • Idea to innovation to create a new brand, bring the new digital product to market, and launch the online growth strategy
  • Integration of cashless technology into the product across NFC, QR, and mobile to mobile tech to enable quick payments
  • Continuous collection of data and testing, using the feedback to further enhance the product
  • Developed and built new B2C and B2B long-term strategies to support seed-round investment
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What we achieved

  • Operational in the UK, EU, and US markets
  • Supporting user and revenue growth over the first year and continuing to develop the product
  • Market positioning work continuing in line with investment discussions
  • Roadmap evolving for future improvements and commercials post-investment
  • Funds raised to accelerate the development of the business
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Digital used for good

“As an investor, working with WeAgile was a huge reassurance. They helped us build out our new Fin-tech SaaS product right from the start whilst providing us with excellent advice throughout. Most importantly partnering with us to raise further capital and demonstrating how to get a return on our investment over long-term product growth, increasing customer LTV and driving exponential ARR. Their tech team researched the best partners to integrate smart technology with and their overall team are extremely efficient, knowledgeable, supportive and a pleasure to work with.

Steve Bermer
Investor, tippmee

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