Accelerating the spread of ideas through events to communities around the globe

TEDx events are organized by passionate individuals who seek to uncover new ideas and to share the latest research in their local areas that spark conversations in their communities.
Supporting event organisers to spread ideas through TEDx events to local communities around the globe anywhere in the world with a lean startup approach.  With every event, the core and essential challenge were to digitally drive awareness, raise excitement around the event concepts and support funding by converting people into event attendees.
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What we did

  • Analyse previous performance

  • Evaluate competitors

  • Define the target audience

  • Get to know the target audience

  • Map out digital strategy

  • Set measurable goals

  • Build content strategy

  • Choose digital channels

  • Set KPIs and benchmarks

  • Execute with best practices

  • Analyse results

  • Pivoting and adjusting

To support the TEDx team in their digital and go-to-market endeavours, we built a specialised team equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to meet their unique requirements. This collaborative effort ensured that all digital (new website) and marketing needs (social campaigns) were seamlessly integrated into their overall strategy.

During our intensive strategy workshop, we seamlessly integrated operational and digital strategies into a unified roadmap that guides our client towards their goals. This comprehensive approach ensured that every step taken aligned with both their operational objectives and digital presence.

Our branding communication strategy helps to meticulously plan how to convey messages effectively to the right audience at precisely the right moment. This ensured that our client’s brand not only reached its target demographic but also resonated with them, leaving a lasting impact.

In our commitment to delivering top-tier results, we conduct thorough testing to guarantee that any digital products we developed delivered maximum impact, especially during event launches and sales. This meticulous process ensured that our client’s digital solutions were not just functional but highly effective, ultimately increased event ticket sales.

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What we provided

Our fully integrated campaign was a harmonious fusion of various elements (web design, digital marketing, social media campaigns) that worked together seamlessly. It began with precise audience targeting, ensuring that our marketing efforts were directed towards the individuals most likely to become customers (event attendees). This precision enhanced conversion rates and ensured a higher return on investment.

At the heart of our campaign were validated digital products designed to facilitate ticket purchases and community engagement. These digital tools were thoroughly tested to guarantee their effectiveness in driving conversions and fostering a sense of belonging within the TEDx community.

However, our approach went beyond mere functionality. We understood the importance of weaving an emotive narrative around the event’s core idea. By telling a compelling story that resonated with the audience, we created a connection that went beyond a transactional relationship, resulting in deeper engagement and brand loyalty. Additionally, we provided clear and concise information, ensuring that potential attendees had all the details they needed to make an informed decision.

This integrated strategy was not limited to a single event. It could be replicated and scaled across all TEDx events, forming a long-term partnership aimed at supporting numerous events on a global scale. Through this collaborative effort, we aimed to extend the impact and reach of TEDx events, furthering their mission to spread valuable ideas and insights worldwide.

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What we achieved

  • Multiple event sell-outs

  • Consistently Growing Pre-Event Registrations

  • Scalable Process for Cost Reduction

  • Exponential Growth of Online Viewership

  • Reach on social media 

  • Social media engagement

  • Mentions in online media

  • Website visits

  • Retained customers

Our strategic approach led to remarkable success, with multiple TEDx events consistently achieving sell-out status. This achievement underscores our ability to engage audiences effectively, create compelling narratives, and execute precise marketing strategies. As a result, TEDx events became highly sought-after experiences, driving demand and excitement among attendees.

One of our key achievements was the consistent growth in pre-event registrations. By implementing data-driven strategies and targeted marketing campaigns, we not only attracted larger audiences but also fostered a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm well before each event. This increased registration rate not only ensured a high level of attendee engagement but also instilled confidence in event sponsors. Sponsors were eager to support TEDx events, knowing they would reach a substantial and engaged audience.

Our approach went beyond immediate success and focused on long-term sustainability. We developed a scalable process that effectively reduced event promotion costs year after year. By optimising our marketing strategies and leveraging audience insights, we achieved more cost-efficient promotion without compromising the quality of the event. This ensured that TEDx events remained financially viable and could continue to thrive.

In today’s digital age, expanding the reach of TEDx events beyond physical attendees was a priority. Our efforts led to exponential growth in online viewership, both during and after each event. By live-streaming and creating engaging digital content, we attracted a global audience eager to participate virtually. This expansion of online viewership not only amplified the impact of TEDx events but also extended their influence and relevance in the digital landscape.

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Digital used for good

“It was an absolute pleasure working with the team at WeAgile. An extremely talented, insights-driven and creative bunch of people. With their support, we have been able to expand on the TEDx brand and build a strong and loyal community..”

Linda Ayoola
TEDx Organiser

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