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Connecting with a new generation of travellers through simple but elegant web design and seamless user experience

Quintessentially is the world’s leading lifestyle concierge company that go above and beyond to create unique luxury travel experiences.

WeAgile were tasked to reinvigorate the website’s user journey and design to ensure users were able to get the most out of the service.

We knew we had to reach more people. Initial research and testing identified that by shifting the conversation and experience to a celebration of life experiences we would be able to engage new audience segments and supporters.

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What we did

  • Technology Workshop

  • Design Workshop

  • Brand Communication Strategy

  • Hosted a technology workshop with our team of expert web developers in London to pinpoint areas necessitating refinement within the company’s digital architecture.
  • Hosted a web design and visual identity workshop with our team of web designers.
  • Fostered seamless collaboration between teams, leveraging the expertise of our web designers and web developers, and the Client’s team to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Analysed Quintessentially’s requirements, translating them into an enhanced digital product.
  • Hosted a brand communication workshop, setting the stage for a compelling brand narrative and defining the tone of voice.
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What we provided

  • New visual identity

  • Website design

  • Responsive designs

  • Website development

  • SEO Optimisation

  • A rejuvenated visual identity crafted meticulously by our web designers.
  • GDPR-compliant mechanisms for data capture, ensuring the utmost integrity of user information.
  • Significant enhancements in navigation and task-bar functionality.
  • Fully responsive designs, ensuring a seamless user experience across all digital devices.
  • Robust Search Engine Optimisation against competitive key phrases, amplifying visibility in Google searches.
  • A comprehensive CRM strategy with tangible deliverables, underpinning the website design’s user experience ethos.
Quintessentially Travel website view on a macbook screen and iphone screen


What we achieved

  • Increased website visitors

  • Reduced bounce rate

  • Increased conversions

In collaboration with our team of web designers and web developers,  a digital brand experience was created that mirrors Quintessentially’s brand aspirations. The redesigned website not only has an intuitive user experience but also caters to a diverse and discerning global audience.

Post-relaunch metrics are a testament to our expertise as a digital agency specialising in website design and web development. There’s been a staggering 80% increase in site views, and 65% uptick in conversions. Once again this proves the importance of responsive designs, seamless user experience & user journeys, as well as elegant design.

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Digital used for good

“I have worked with Chris & Monshur now for many years on both B2C and B2B projects, their foresight, creativity and expertise has always delivered. Their care and passion is evident in the way they work and the relationships they have built – can’t recommend the team at WeAgile enough!”

Nabila Richardson
Head of Marketing, Quintessentially Travel

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