Munnypot Enterprise


To design and develop a brand for Munnypot's new white label offering. From brand style guide through to logo, business cards and website and marketing.

Munnypot is an award-winning, automated online investment advice solution that brings a fresh approach to the challenge of delivering affordable and easy-to-understand financial advice.

Munnypot were looking to design a corporate website to enhance market awareness of the business and flexible offerings. The success of the site was to clearly articulate the service differentiators, generate warm leads and clearly articulate the mission “to simplify investing”.

Our collaboration with Munnypot brought impressive results, showcasing our capabilities and emphasising the value we bring to our clients. Here’s an in-depth review of our accomplishments.

Munnypot Enterprise


What we did. At WeAgile, our primary focus is to deliver results that resonate with our client's vision. Here's a detailed breakdown of our comprehensive process for Munnypot's new website.

Branding Workshop. We initiated the project with an in-depth branding workshop. This wasn’t just about colors and logos; it was about understanding Munnypot’s core values, their target audience, and their vision for the future. Through collaborative discussions, we identified the strategic direction for Munnypot’s new brand, ensuring it would resonate with their audience. Furthermore, we pinpointed the tone of voice that would best represent Munnypot, making sure it was both distinct and authentic to their identity.

Rapid Development with the WeAgile Sprint Method. At WeAgile, we pride ourselves on our unique sprint method – a refined approach that allows us to develop efficiently without compromising on quality. For Munnypot’s website, we harnessed this method to its full potential. Within a span of just 4 weeks, we progressed from the initial concept to pushing the site live. Our iterative process allowed us to build, test, integrate, and improve the product rapidly, ensuring Munnypot’s new website was not only functional but also aligned with their brand identity.

Launch Plan Creation & Management. A successful launch is as crucial as the development process itself. We meticulously crafted a launch plan tailored to Munnypot’s needs. By coordinating with internal teams and external partners, we ensured a smooth and synchronised rollout. Our expertise in project management played a pivotal role in navigating Munnypot through the intricacies of the implementation period.

Collaborative Efforts with Internal Teams. Our collaboration with Munnypot didn’t end with the design and development phase. We stood by their side, working closely with their internal teams every step of the way. Our mutual goal was to ensure that everything, from the smallest detail to the most significant milestones, went according to plan. This close-knit collaboration was instrumental in making the project a resounding success.

Designer drawing wireframes for a website with a pencil in a notebook


What we achieved. At WeAgile, we don't just create websites; we craft experiences. And with Munnypot, we're proud to say we did just that. In collaboration with Munnypot, we didn't just meet expectations; we surpassed them. These results are a manifestation of WeAgile's dedication, expertise, and the passion we bring to every project.

Swift Execution. One of our standout achievements with Munnypot was our ability to move at a breakneck pace without sacrificing quality. From the moment we began conceptualising the brand to the second we pushed the website live, it took us just 4 weeks. This timeline is a testament to our efficient workflows, deep expertise, and the synergies formed between the WeAgile and Munnypot teams.

Strategic Brand Development. Branding is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating a unique identity. For Munnypot, we dug deep into what made them special. Our branding efforts found Munnypot’s service differentiators, ensuring they stood out in a competitive market. Moreover, we crafted a brand voice that clearly articulated Munnypot’s mission, ensuring a cohesive and powerful brand image.

Responsive Website for Munnypot Enterprise. Adaptability is key. Recognising the diverse range of devices users access websites from, we prioritised creating a responsive design for the Munnypot Enterprise website. This ensures that whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, visitors experience Munnypot’s offerings seamlessly and with optimal user experience.

Tangible Lead Generation. Our efforts had immediate fruits. Post-launch, Munnypot witnessed an instant increase in inbound leads, with a staggering increase of 45% specifically for their white-label offering. This spike is a clear indication of the effectiveness of our design, development, and branding strategies, directly translating to tangible business results for Munnypot.

Munnypot Enterprise