Lords MCC

The Challenge

Website redesign and update the UX

Focus Group, UX, UI, Strategy & Development

Lords Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), a globally revered institution in cricket and custodian of the Laws of Cricket, recognised the need to enhance its member portal’s user experience and design. Synonymous with prestige, the MCC sought a digital experience befitting its iconic status and a web design that accentuates the prestigness. They turned to WeAgile, a leading digital web design agency in London, to breathe new life into their members’ portal designs.

2 day focus group to better understand the needs of users.

Clear and simplified user journeys to easily navigate the site.

Lords MCC Website reporting UX UI
WeAgile Lords MCC Homepage design case study UX UI Digital agency

Cutting edge that stands out from the competition.


The Process

Focus Group

Central to our approach was understanding the members’ website design, its requirements, and its target audience. This phase was kicked off with a two-day workshop and focus group session at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground.

WeAgile designed a series of exercises to create a unified understanding of a successful web design strategy. Every activity and its prospective outcome were detailed in an agenda, ensuring MCC stakeholders had a clear picture.

Our UX Design created clear user journeys, making it easy to find popular pages and navigate the site. The mobile experience feels light and speedy, perfect for users on the go.

We approached the design with two requirements; it must be cutting edge, and it must stand out from the competition so we started the process by experimenting with unique layouts, finding new and interesting ways to display their content whilst bringing their brand to life, digitally.

Lords MCC Website reporting UX UI
WeAgile digital agency Lords MCC website design case study
WeAgile website MCC news section design WeAgile case study UX UI London
WeAgile Lords MCC Homepage design case study UX UI Digital agency
The Result

An engaging and modern website redesign

The new and interactive MCC website is a much better representation of the brand.

With a well-charted approach and an unwavering focus on user experience and web design, WeAgile sculpted a member portal worthy of the world’s most eminent cricket club. As this endeavour came to fruition, it symbolised WeAgile’s dedication to quality and the power of flawless digital strategy paired with unparalleled web design.