Let Me Know


To redesign and develop a website for a charity driving to help educate young people about healthy relationships

Let Me Know (LMK) is a charity offering a prevention programme against domestic violence, relationship abuse and sexual assault that equips young people to have healthy relationships during their teen years, but also embeds behaviours and expectations that are carried through into adult life.

LMK reached out to WeAgile when they needed their website redesigned to make it more intuitive for their target users but also highlight both the benefits and all the hard work they do.

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What we did

  • Goal identification

  • Scope definition

  • Sitemap and wireframe creation

  • Content creation

  • Visual elements

  • Testing

  • Launch

For the Let Me Know website redesign and rebuild project, our approach was meticulously structured to ensure a seamless user experience. We initiated the process with a design sprint workshop, a key component of our methodology, to meticulously define user needs and expectations.

Applying our WeAgile sprint method, we executed the project swiftly and efficiently, prioritising continuous testing, seamless integration of features, and ongoing improvements. Our expertise in WordPress CMS allowed us to craft a front end that not only met design and functionality requirements but also guaranteed user-friendliness and accessibility.

Throughout the project, we maintained open lines of communication and engaged in constant collaboration with the senior leadership team to ensure alignment with their vision and objectives. This collaborative approach allowed us to address any challenges promptly and ensure a successful outcome for the Let Me Know website redesign and rebuild.

LMK image website WeAgile case study


What we provided

Prioritising the end-user experience was central to LMK’s mission, as their primary objective was to provide seamless access to the support and resources users required with just a few clicks. Given that their target audiences predominantly comprised Gen-Z and Millennials, it became imperative to adopt a mobile-first approach in the website’s design and development.

During the reconstruction phase, we introduced a user-friendly WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to provide the team with the freedom to independently manage their content and customise page layouts.

Let Me Know Mobile Image Case Study

We’re not just a top-tier digital agency – we are specialists in charity web design and development. Our team is a friendly, dedicated group driven by a passion for doing good (it’s our motto after all – using digital for good). We are fully committed to leveraging over a decade of experience in the non-profit sector to empower organisations like yours in achieving positive social and environmental impacts.

Our commitment extends beyond website design, development, and maintenance – we bring value to every project stage. We invest time in thoroughly researching your organisation and understanding your audience. Our user-centric approach ensures we craft a platform that aligns with your objectives and remains adaptable for future growth and development.

Our team comprises top-notch website developers, designers, strategists, project managers, all with extensive expertise in developing amazing websites and digital solutions for charitable organisations and those dedicated to driving positive social change. We employ a well-established website development process that’s geared towards increasing donations received and minimising unnecessary expenses in your digital investments and resource allocation.

In addition to creating stunning websites, we also specialise in developing apps tailored for charities and non-profit organisations to drive your digital transformation. These applications are customised solutions, such as event management systems or internal databases, meticulously designed to streamline specific processes. Each of these bespoke projects is as distinctive and individual as our valued clients.

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