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To design and develop an educational, immersive journey through the ages

In The Footsteps team reached out to WeAgile to help design and develop a global tech-forward social studies enrichment program comprising of both complete units with lesson plans, as well as immersive VR Walkabouts, that place students in pivotal moments of world history.

Educators and students, alongside modern-day expedition leaders, were involved in curriculum development designed to maximise engagement through student-centred VR, games and learning activities.

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What we did

  • Ran a design sprint workshop to ensure we get the user experience spot on
  • Applied the WeAgile sprint method to build, test, integrate, and improve the product fast
  • Ran focus group sessions with teachers and students
  • Built the front end in React JS and backend in Node JS
  • Created the launch plan and managed the process with the internal term and external partners to guide In the Footsteps through the implementation period
  • Constant collaboration with the senior leadership team to make sure everything went to plan
In The Footsteps Marco Polo


What we provided

The site was designed and built principally for desktop, to reflect the usage patterns of its core audiences. Designing desktop-first helped us to make clear choices for which content would be most important for students.

We tested the platform throughout production with real students, to ensure we were never veering from providing a stimulating educational experience.

The platform offers a never-before experience for students to travel through history both on their desktop and via VR.


Digital used for good

“WeAgile is a rare breed of creative agencies. The team are well informed, care deeply about their work, clients and the world around them.
The entire team at WeAgile have expertly wrapped their arms around our US based educational website and platform gaming architecture, with clear communication and consistently reached milestones, relieving us of this heavy burden. This digital agency is a stand-out.” 

Lisa B
Founder, In The Footsteps

In The Footsteps

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