Building better online experiences for the fitness community to combat the COVID-19 impact

Gymbuddy is a free social media platform where users can discover gyms around their location and participate with other GymBuddies with suited subscriptions, and also interact with others via messages, photos, videos and more.

Our job was to increase online sales, grow memberships and redefine the digital product to ensure users were able to get the most out of the product. We also developed an e-commerce solution to support the growing demand from the community.

A women standing in front of dumbbells in a gym giving a high-five to a man sitting


What we did

  • Ideation session to align teams and blend digital strategy into business strategy.
  • Brand communication workshop to define the tone of voice and build a brand narrative.
  • Marketing workshop to deliver targeted marketing campaigns and raise the companies brand awareness.
Designer at a whiteboard pointing at user persona in a drawing


What we provided

  • A completely redesigned website and user experience to enhance user sign-ups.
  • A website that works hard to bring in new leads
  • An additional e-commerce site that accentuates the Gymbuddy offering to customers.
GymBuddy e-commerce shop on a macbook screen, next to the macbook - an iphone with GymBuddy app open


What we achieved

The new digital product makes it easier for Gymbuddy’s audience to understand the offering, sign up and browse their e-commerce product ranges.

Initial results show that mobile traffic is no longer flat and, since the relaunch, is now starting to grow. The data validates that users are much less likely to bounce, with the rate dropping by 39%.

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