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The GoLearn EdTech product dramatically empowers teachers and enables children all over the globe to improve their literacy and ultimately their lives. Our job was to form an international communications strategy at speed. We had to combine years of brand work into a central strategy and create video media to present to schools across India and Pakistan. This strategy and media would also support future investor discussions to help continue the growth of the GoLearn initiative.

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What we did

  • Ideation sessions to form a specialist creative team
  • Brand communication workshopping to build a narrative, tone of voice, and thought leadership
  • Additional workshops to help form the roadmap, gather information for launch, and develop growth strategies
  • Coordinated videographers, directors, animators, and voice-over actors
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What we provided

  • Communication strategy to connect with key audiences in the most meaningful way, at the right time, with the right tone of voice
  • Campaign feature video to use in Asia for educations summits, conferences and across online channels for international marketing
  • Growth strategy to deploy the GoLearn brand consistently across different continents
  • Unified messaging to highlight the global learning crisis and how the product adds value to education leaders, teachers, and students


What we achieved

  • Huge successful launch that rippled across the academic industry in India and helped accelerate the brand recognition and across the globe
  • Validated the need for GoLearn to quickly imminent another launch in different areas of India
  • The initial launch had 1,100 participants with future planned events that will dwarf that in size and exposure
  • Full GoLearn team alignment on brand communications with a supporting public video to amplify the message and mission consistently as the brand grows in line with its product and brand successes
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Using Digital For Good

“Chris and the team were outstanding in understanding our business approach. Not only did they help us define the brand proposition they created a beautiful introduction video that we used to launch our solutions to schools in India and the Middle East.”

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