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Breaking benchmarks with a global lingerie brand.

Marketing workshop, Social media marketing, Email marketing & Copywriting

Cou Cou Intimates, a challenger lingerie brand, embarked on a mission to establish a worldwide brand presence and drive up online sales.

WeAgile spearheaded the creation of Cou Cou’s digital marketing strategy, with a primary focus on three key markets: the UK, USA, and Australia. Tasked by Cou Cou Intimates, WeAgile was challenged to elevate brand recognition in these territories, expand outreach, surge website traffic, and reduce the cost per click (CPC).

Check out how our collaboration propelled Cou Cou Intimates toward global visibility and enhanced online revenue.


Marketing strategy

Develop a global marketing strategy. WeAgile needed to build out marketing strategies that not only appealed to each demographic but also retain current customers.

Develop brand awareness. Develop brand awareness across 3 countries including the UK, US and Australia utilising social media and PPC.

Increase website traffic. Utilising Instagram store and creating simple journeys for customers to access the Cou Cou e-commerce store.

Increase email campaign engagement. Beyond engagement, WeAgile needed to build a strategy to increase higher lifetime value (LTV).

SEO Optimisation. Optimise website copy for search engines to improve organic search rankings and increase visibility.



What we did

Researching the audience and crafting personas

Our initial focus involved comprehensive audience research to craft distinct personas for each market. These personas were intricately designed to align with individual motivations, varying according to their familiarity with the brand.

Nurturing an engaged community

Cou Cou’s objective of boosting website visits posed a challenge we addressed by pinpointing top-performing organic posts. These posts effectively showcased products, conveyed the brand narrative, and garnered substantial organic engagement within their existing follower base. By strategically amplifying these posts to key audiences and meticulously monitoring their performance, we offered refined recommendations for future enhancement.

Content Development

Collaborating closely with the brand’s in-house content creators, we contributed to the creation of SEO-optimised blog posts accompanied by informative infographics. Repurposing this content as an Instagram carousel post, we maximised its visibility by targeting specific audience segments through boosted promotion.

Furthermore, we designed a suite of email templates delivering a diverse blend of value-added content, promotions, and offers to their database.

Once we created a robust set of email templates, our focus shifted to developing a series of automated campaigns. These campaigns were triggered based on customer interactions with the emails, website engagement, and past purchase behaviour.


What we achieved

Clicks to purchase on Instagram
Increase in TikTok followers
Email campaign engagement
Lower CPC

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