Translating Artocene's rich, diverse offerings into a cohesive and user-friendly digital experience.

Artocene, a renowned therapeutic arts company, realised the need for a website revamp. As their online presence started to play an increasingly pivotal role in reaching their target audience, the shortcomings of their existing website became apparent. Their previous website did not fully encapsulate the vibrancy and dynamism of their mission. The goal? A fresh, user-friendly website design that aligns with their brand message, all built on the reliable WordPress platform. Enter WeAgile digital agency in London.

Artocene approached the WeAgile team with a clear vision: they wanted a website that was not just aesthetically pleasing but also functionally superior. The new website needed to reflect the brand’s ethos, be easy for visitors to navigate, and be built on the WordPress platform, ensuring backend usability for the Artocene team.

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Artocene's initial website inadequately represented its dynamic portfolio. WeAgile faced the tasks of crafting a design that captivates while narrating Artocene's narrative, transitioning seamlessly to WordPress without data loss, and delivering superior UX tailored to a diverse audience.

Website Design that Reflects Brand Essence: The previous version of the website lacked the depth and allure that mirrored Artocene’s rich and vibrant portfolio. WeAgile’s team of web designers was tasked with the intricate challenge of crafting a new design. Their goal was not only to produce something visually captivating but also to construct a digital space where Artocene’s rich narrative would resonate and engage visitors.

Integration with WordPress: The transition of the website to the WordPress platform wasn’t just about a change in backend technology. It required meticulous migration of content, ensuring every piece of data was intact and accurately represented. Beyond this, there was a critical need to ensure the novel website’s features and design elements meshed seamlessly with WordPress’s native functionalities.

Ensuring User Experience (UX) Excellence: Artocene’s audience is a diverse mix that includes artists passionate about their craft, eco-enthusiasts driven by sustainable solutions, and the general public seeking to explore. Thus, creating a website interface that caters to such varied user personas, all while maintaining a streamlined and intuitive UX, was paramount for WeAgile’s mission.

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The WeAgile team, with its rich experience in web design and development, proposed a multi-faceted approach.

Engaging Website Design: WeAgile’s talented team of web designers immersed themselves in Artocene’s world, resulting in a website design that truly mirrored the brand’s essence. From layout to colour palettes, every element was chosen to resonate with Artocene’s mission.

WordPress Integration: Recognising the client’s need for a robust yet easy-to-manage backend, the WeAgile team proposed building the new website on WordPress. This platform not only ensures flexibility but is also known for its user-friendly interface, making it a perfect choice.

User-Centric Approach: Given the diverse audience, WeAgile’s solution emphasises user experience. From intuitive navigation to mobile optimisation, every aspect was designed to enhance user engagement.

Training and Handover: To empower the Artocene team to manage their content efficiently on WordPress, WeAgile included a training session, ensuring that the Artocene team could confidently handle their updated website.

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Artocene's decision to revamp their website, with the help of WeAgile's expertise in web development and design, proved transformative. The seamless fusion of captivating website design, the power of WordPress, and the dedication of the WeAgile team culminated in a digital platform truly reflective of Artocene's ethos.

Post the website redesign and WordPress integration executed by WeAgile, experienced significant enhancements:

Increased User Engagement: The innovative and fresh website design, complemented by an optimised UX, resulted in users spending more time exploring the site, leading to longer visitor durations and a marked increase in page views.

Enhanced Manageability: The transition to WordPress streamlined the process of content management. Consequently, the Artocene team found it not only easier but also more efficient to update and maintain content. This adaptability translated into more frequent website refreshes, providing continually updated and fresh content for their audience.

Positive Feedback: The revamped website was warmly received by the community. Both loyal visitors and those discovering Artocene for the first time applauded the contemporary design, feeling a stronger connection and resonance with Artocene’s overarching vision and ethos.

Growth in Web Traffic: The powerful SEO capabilities intrinsic to WordPress, combined with the meticulously crafted website design, fueled a significant uptick in organic traffic, broadening Artocene’s digital footprint and reach.

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