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The best mobile app development agency in the UK (probably)

The best mobile app development agency in the UK (probably)

We’re an award-winning, specialist mobile app development agency centered in the heart of London. With a wealth of knowledge behind us and experience working across a variety of industries – we design, test and build apps for start-ups, entrepreneurs and well-established businesses to ensure growth, success and audience satisfaction. 

With more apps being built than ever before, we’re here to help you build yours. With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we make it our mission to ensure you are guided and supported, from start to finish, throughout the mobile app development process. 

At WeAgile, we know how to make sure your app is market-ready. From prototyping and UX/UI design, right through to audience testing and development – we’re known for unbeatable usability and innovation, forward-thinking functionality and digitally empowering ideas. 

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We Are Experienced

With a proven track record of success working across start-up social media apps to well-known health & fitness brands, our team of talented UK-based developers are equipped with an understanding of how to create bespoke apps – carefully designed and tailored to your business needs and developed to hit your business goals. We consider the competitive nature of the app market and understand what it takes to make your app truly stand out. Our knowledgeable app creators are handpicked to bring your app to market and add a valuable approach to your overall app development journey.

We Are Efficient

We’re known for our efficient approach – starting with an interactive workshop to truly understand your needs, we dive deep into the details so we can start the co-creation process. Understanding your brand identity and long term path allows for us to dedicate time to developing an app and action plan that creates impact. Throughout the app development process, we will move with the app landscape ensuring you’re on top of digital developments as they happen.

We Are Supportive

We understand the app development landscape can seem overwhelming, so we’re here every step of the way. We’ll guide and support you through the branding, design and development process as we’re committed to making sure your project is an insightful and enjoyable experience that delivers results.

We Are Creative

Thinking outside the box is in our blood and we understand the importance of innovation. We focus on developing apps that show clear messaging, aligned brand colours and unbeatable user experience. With a team of experienced experts, we can bring your app to life through colour, sound and text while you rest easy knowing your project is in safe hands.

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Our Mobile App Development Process

We’re known for dynamic design, efficient audience testing and one-of-a-kind mobile app development. We understand the process is technical and full of different components, so we’re here to explain to you what to expect.

Persona Mapping

We use persona mapping to create an improved user experience (UX) for your ideal customer. Persona mapping involves creating fictional customer personas based on demographic information, personality traits, pain points, and other details about your target consumer. With our targeted persona mapping strategy, we’re able to provide insight and valuable forward-thinking plans to develop a stand-out app that wins the race against your competitors.

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WeAgile App Development Agency App UX & UI Design

UX/UI Design

Through UX design, we focus on creating a seamless and meaningful user experience by understanding user needs, conducting research, and designing intuitive interfaces, while UI design focuses on the visual, interactive elements of a product to create aesthetically-pleasing interfaces. Both UX & UI design are a crucial part of the app development process and user experience, so we make it our aim to ensure your app is a cut above the rest.


App interactive prototyping is an essential part of your app development journey. Interactive prototypes simulate how a product will work and allows us to mimic use of the app. A mobile app prototype shows us how real users interact with a product, therefore creating room for adjustments where needed. We align your prototype to your business goals, target consumer and overall design to produce an all-encompassing app experience.

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WeAgile Mobile App Development Agency London


Front-end development is a style of computer programming that focuses on the coding and creation of elements of an app that will then be seen by the user – development is about making sure the visual aspects of an app are functional. Additionally, back-end development focuses on the side of the app users can’t see such as databases and coding. We’re experts in both areas and we’re here to make sure the end result is exactly what you’re looking for.

User Testing

Mobile App Usability testing refers to evaluating a mobile app by testing it with actual users. It gives an idea of how easy it is to maneuver through the mobile application and learn how it can better support a brand’s key marketing objectives. You can detect problems as well as discover opportunities with usability testing and ensure your app is ready for launch. At WeAgile, we understand the importance of the user testing process, so we aim to make it as efficient and enjoyable for you as possible so you can really see your app come to life. 

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“WeAgile have provided excellent advice and support on our tech projects this year and have become an integral part of our team. They have supported Dishoom in a variety of ways from leading on tech architecture projects through to design and development and we are really pleased with the results. They truly provide a personalised service and have been responsive to our changing requirements since they came on board.”

Stephen Neudegg
Finance Director, Dishoom


Is mobile apps market saturated or still there is an opportunity?

With 1.96 million apps available on the Apple App Store and 2.87 million apps on the Google Play Stpre, the mobile apps market definitely is saturated, however, if your app filla a gap in the market or solves a unique challenge for it’s user - there still is an opportunity.

What is cross platform development?

Cross platform development is the process of creating an app that can run on various operating systems, like web, iOS, and Android. By using this approach you can save time, money and effort as it can be used by a larger number of users.

What is the difference between web design and app design?

As apps are used on smartphones, the screen size is massively different to that of a computer, so you have to make sure the app design takes into account things like the location of buttons, not too heavy graphics (as phones generally have slower processors as computers), and that the app can be easily used on the go (as opposed to sitting in front of a computer and reading text on the website).

What is React Native app development?

React Native app development means that the app is developed in an open-source JavaScript framework which makes the app build comparatively faster, and upon completion the app will work across multiple platforms like iOS, Android.

What are the top 5 mobile app user design tips?

The Top 5 mobile app user design tips are: 1)focus on “the thumb rule” (make sure the user can easily press the buttons on the phone screen), 2) keep it simple, 3) make it look aesthetically pleasing, 4) stay consistent, and 5) keep testing and improving the designs.

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